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Inaugural Sankalp Africa Summit 2014

12-13 February 2014
Nairobi, Kenya

The inaugural Sankalp Africa Summit will convene over 350 SMEs, investors, service providers, industry networks, policy makers and academia in Nairobi from 12-13 February to take an ecosystem view on inclusive development in Africa. The Summit will drive greater harmonization between different market based approaches to development like impact investing, inclusive business, SME-led growth, social enterprises among others. It is also a start towards building a South-South corridor in inclusive development.

Volans has partnered with the Sankalp Africa Summit to introduce the Breakthrough lens: exploring how entrepreneurs and financial leaders have a critical role to play in reframing capitalism – including its economic, financial, environmental and social systems – so that it operates in service of society and the planet. In addition to inviting Breakthrough leaders as speakers, Volans will be running a reverse pitch session - where corporates pitch to SMEs on why they should consider a partnership in pursuit of social mission - and contribute to the closing plenary to recap system-level trends from the entire conference.

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