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Regenerative Agriculture: A Conversation

27 March 2013
London, UK

Volans is partnering with Soil Capital, A Very Good Company and Net Impact as part of its Breakthrough Capitalism program to bring to London a unique event exploring how business leaders and farmers can lead a paradigm shift towards more sustainable agriculture.

The Challenge

The inability of modern-day agroindustrial systems to address food security issues, desertification and climate change has become increasingly clear.

The Opportunity

Regenerative agriculture emerged to restore the natural fertility of the land instead of depleting it. A number of individuals stand out as experts in their own fields, with proven track records of increasing fertility of their land whilst securing long-term profitability for their farms and value for their community.

Keynotes and Expert Insight

The event will convene the following passionate experts, who are real catalysts for widespread change. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Chair: John Elkington, Volans
  • Daniela Howell, Savory Institute (USA)
  • Dr. Dwayne Beck, Dakota Lakes Research Farm (USA)
  • Stephen Briggs, Abacus Organic (UK)
  • Perrine Hervé-Gruyer, Bec-Hellouin Permacultural Farm (France)
  • Dr Ademir Calegari, Paraná Agronomic Institute (Brazil)

Food for Thought

These leaders will share first-hand views of solutions that exist, and explore how they play into the Breakthrough challenge, which is to build a fair and sustainable world fit for 9 billion people. In particular, the event will consider:

  • Leading examples of regenerative agriculture techniques
  • Market-based solutions to scaling and sustaining regenerative agriculture
  • Environmental, social and economic impacts of regenerative agriculture

The event will take place at 6pm at a venue in Central London (venue to be shared shortly).

There will be an entrance fee of £20 for General Public, £15 for Net Impact Professional Members, and free for Students.

Please click here to RSVP, and for updated information on the venue →