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Volans drives market-based solutions to the future's greatest challenges.


In 2012, Volans co-hosted the first Breakthrough Capitalism Forum in London, UK, exploring the need to reframe the current global economy, against the challenge of three possible outcome scenarios: Breakdown, Change-As-Usual and Breakthrough, as outlined in John Elkington’s book, The Zeronauts - Breaking the Sustainability Barrier.

The Forum hit a nerve, and ‘Breakthrough Capitalism’ evolved into a program to help explore and inspire business as a central force for creating system-level change, moving from ideas to action.

Today, we are working with partners to initiate and develop Breakthrough thinking for cities and regions across the world as well as looking at sectors, the financial community in particular. We are also developing bespoke workshops and programs for individual organizations that want to explore ways of embedding breakthrough thinking and action in their business.